I started gymnastics when I was three years old. I feel in love and stayed in the sports for 19 years. Growing up I was a USAG competitive gymnast up to level 9 and then a NCAA/NCGA collegiate gymnast for Springfield College in Massachusetts. Through that experience is where my passion for health and fitness developed. As a gymnast, besides learning the importance of proper nutrition and training for optimal performance, I learned the importance of having a strong and positive mindset. There was always a lot of pressure to fit the mold of what the ideal gymnast looks like, creating a lot of self doubt and feelings of not being good enough. Those feelings created frustration and negativity in both practices and competitions. Feeling drained and losing hope in my goals, I decided to make a change. Everyday my focus was on switching my mindset and stopping the negative thoughts to change my thinking. As my mindset became more positive, my training began to fall into place. I felt confident, unstoppable, and amazing in life and the body I was in. When gymnastics ended, I carried my love of fitness to a gym. I tried all different types of workouts and ways of training until I found what works best for me and keeps me motivated. My journey inspired me to become a personal trainer because I want to help people train their mind to feel good and confident in the skin they are in all while reaching their fitness goals. Everyone deserves to feel amazing and confident and I love getting people to that mindset. Watching and being a part of someone’s journey to the moment where it just begins to click and become a habit is the most rewarding feeling.

  • B.S. Sports Biology, Springfield College
  • PROPTA Certified
  • CPR & AED Certified

Kelsi Levesque,
Personal Trainer

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